Controversial Ex-WWE Star Retires From Wrestling

WWE Jaxson Ryker

Jaxson Ryker has competed in his final-ever wrestling match.

The former WWE wrestler left his boots in the ring on August 27th after competing in a match for the AML Wrestling promotion.

Prior to joining WWE, Ryker was known as Gunner in TNA. Having a relatively successful career in the promotion, Gunner was a former Tag Team Champion and Television Champion before signing with WWE and joining the NXT brand in 2017. It was here that Gunner became known to the world as Jaxson Ryker and formed The Forgotten Sons stable with Steve Cutler and Wesley Blake.

Despite being presented as a trio, it was Cutler and Blake who competed in most of the tag team matches and competed for the titles with Ryker remaining on the outside.

The trio would make their main roster debut in 2020 in front of no fans. Following the debut, a backstory was provided about Ryker and Cutler, who had each previously served in the armed forces.

Ex-WWE Wrestler Jaxson Ryker’s Social Media Controversies

Shortly after the history of The Forgotten Sons was highlighted, Ryker would halt the momentum of the group entirely. Following the death of George Floyd the Black Lives Matter movement began in the United States. President Donald Trump condemned the protests and threatened military action. Ryker would post on social media that he was in support of Trump’s measures and received backlash from fans, other wrestlers and even Blake and Cutler, who publicly distanced themselves from Ryker following the comments.

Despite vocally disagreeing with Ryker, all 3 of The Forgotten Sons were taken off of TV until December, when Blake and Cutler returned as backup for King Corbin. Cutler and Blake were released in the spring of 2021, but Ryker remained with the company until November following a brief partnership with Elias and occasional appearances on Main Event.