Former WWE Star Intends To Retire From Wrestling This Year

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A former WWE star has said that he intends to retire from wrestling in 2023.

Jaxson Ryker has talked about how he plans on ending his wrestling career this year with only a few more independent dates left on his schedule.

While WWE fans might know him as Jaxson Ryker, he was first known as Gunner in TNA wrestling from about 2010 to 2015. Prior to that, he worked on the indies for about a decade.

As Jaxson Ryker, he was part of a group in WWE called the Forgotten Sons with Wesley Blake and Steve Cutler. The group started together in NXT for a few years before going to the main roster in April 2020, which is the “Pandemic Era” of WWE when they had no fans in the crowd.

The WWE run for Ryker ended in November 2021. He didn’t win any titles in the company, nor was he ever pushed heavily. For some people, he is remembered more for making statements that made people angry.

In June 2022, former WWE Women’s Champion Becky Lynch responded to Ryker about the controversial abortion issue.

During a recent episode of his ‘Wrestling For The Faith’ podcast, Ryker announced his plans to stop wrestling later this year.

“I do feel like it’s time to step away. Now, [that] necessarily doesn’t mean I’ll go do guest ref spots or go sign some autographs or use it as a ministry, but the in-ring action, I think it’s time to step away. Because of injuries, it’s time to pursue a different career.”

“I have four shows booked. August 27th, which is funny, it’s two days after my 23 year anniversary of my wrestling career starting, [that date] will be my last show in Salisbury, North Carolina.”

“I think it’s time to walk away, I don’t… there’s moments that I enjoy, working around with you, doing some stuff with you or certain other guys but it’s just gotten to the point where I’m ready to press on into a new career. I’m 40, almost 41 man.”

“I’ve been blessed, I’ve had an amazing career. What else do I have left to prove? Go work some indie shows and get hurt? I just can’t do it. I got four shows booked ready to roll.”

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