Controversial Ex-WWE Star Open To Return

WWE logo over blurred Mustafa Ali Matt Riddle

If CM Punk can return to WWE, why not me, claims one former Superstar.

Following an incident in September 2023 where Matt Riddle alleged he was sexually assaulted by a Port Authority officer, the star was released by WWE.

It was later reported that WWE felt Riddle had simply run out of chances and had become more trouble than he was worth. However, his departure was far from the end of his career, and the star has continued to wrestle for the likes of NJPW and MLW.

Speaking in a new interview with Chris Van Vliet, Riddle left the door wide open for a WWE return, suggesting that if CM Punk can go back, there’s no reason he can’t as well.

“I’ll say this and this isn’t a knock to anybody. Good luck to everybody. If CM Punk can come back, there’s definitely a possibility I can come back. I’ll say this. I have no ill will. I really don’t. I’m thankful they gave me the opportunities they gave me. I’m super stoked on it and super happy about it.

Even with the UFC, I’m not bitter. I’m grateful. I got to fight in the biggest fight organization in the world and even when Dana slammed me, it built my stardom for being like the 4:20 athlete of the year.

So it’s like you can’t knock it. WWE gave you a platform, multiple WrestleManias, multiple Royal Rumbles, multiple Survivor Series, multiple everything. Sweet. Thank you. No harm. Thank you for all the money and the championships and how people and kids look at me because they got to see me on their screen.”

Matt Riddle Controversy Pre-Dates WWE Run

The star has been a controversial figure for years having previously been accused of sexual assault. In 2023 further allegations resurfaced, with claims from one female talent that Riddle undressed in front of them while working an independent event. Matt Riddle later denied the incident took place.

H/t to WrestlingNews.Co