Controversial Ex-AEW Producer Confirms New Role

Tony Khan AEW

One AEW producer is more infamous than the rest but after his firing from the company Ace Steel is still working in the wrestling business.

The events following AEW All Out have become the stuff of legend, with CM Punk and The Elite involved in a massive brawl that also involved Head of Talent Relations Christopher Daniels and Punk’s friend and trainer Ace Steel. Not only were punches thrown, but Steel allegedly threw a chair at Nick Jackson’s head and bit Kenny Omega on the arm.

Everyone involved in the brawl was suspended, and Steel was later fired as the result of an internal investigation, but was later been rehired and is working remotely as he was considered an “insurance risk” and was not allowed to be present for tapings of Collision, something that upset CM Punk greatly. Steel also reportedly received back pay for the time he was fired.

However, after CM Punk was fired by AEW following another backstage fight at All In, Steel was eventually let go from his role on September 7th.

Ace Steel Confirms TNA Role After AEW Exit

PWInsider first reported that Ace Steel received a tryout as a producer for TNA in the fall of 2023 and now it seems he’s found a new home in the company.

Speaking on Two Man Power Trip, Ace Steel confirmed that he’s working with TNA in a backstage capacity:

Working with TNA as a producer at the moment. Loving that, loving the atmosphere there. Just a great backstage feel.

The backstage feel may have been disrupted somewhat in recent weeks after Scott D’Amore was fired as president of the company. That led many TNA stars to sign an open letter to the company’s ownership outlining their feelings about that and how they believed D’Amore was the right man to lead them.