Cody Rhodes Reveals If He Thinks Blood Has A Place In WWE

Cody Rhodes WWE Microphone

The use of blood in WWE is increasing and Cody Rhodes supports the movement.

At the WWE Clash at the Castle PLE, the opening match saw Cody Rhodes defeat AJ Styles in an I Quit Match for the WWE Championship.

It was a match that saw both men use weapons throughout the match because the only way to win was by making your opponent say “I Quit.” At one point in the match, Styles sent Rhodes into an object at ringside, and moments later, Rhodes appeared with a bloody forehead.

While it wasn’t a lot of blood coming out of Cody’s head, there was some blood. The same goes for Styles, who also bled for the match.

During the build to WrestleMania 40, Cody Rhodes also bled when The Rock beat him up outside of the building while it was raining. The blood made the scene even more memorable while also making the fans sympathize with Rhodes since he was bloodied after that attack.

Cody Rhodes was a guest on the Major Figure Podcast with Matt Cardona, Brian Myers, and Mark Sterling. When they were talking about a Cody action figure in AEW that was bloody due to his classic match with brother Dustin Rhodes, Cody spoke about how blood is a part of the wrestling business.

“It’s very fun to see. Blood is part of sports entertainment, part of pro wrestling. It’s in a weird way, I don’t mean to sound toxic at all, it’s nice to see it celebrated in the packaging and in this moment.”

“Actually, I gave myself a nice pat on the back for — recently going into WrestleMania, I was the first WWE shirt that got a little blood on it as well, they had done the skull with a little cut up top after Rock beat the hell out of me in the rain.”

The Rock And Cody Rhodes Had “Magic” At WrestleMania 40

WrestleMania 40 Saturday saw Cody Rhodes step into the ring with WWE legend The Rock for the first time. It was The Rock & Roman Reigns defeating Cody & Seth Rollins in the main event of the Saturday night show.

While talking to ESPN, Cody said he felt “magic” as soon as he locked up with The Rock during their match.

“The Rock is on the Mount Rushmore of wrestling. I’ve spent a good portion of my career battling for my generation’s locker room to overtake the previously most successful era, the Attitude Era, The Rock’s era. But as we all found out in real-time watching WrestleMania, the man transcends time and our medium.”

“I never questioned his passion, but there were many smarter matches for a man more than 10 years removed from the ring to take: Seth Rollins and I aren’t on the easy list. The speed and style of our game has changed, but he came back fiercely. If anything, he’s not even close to done. The first time we locked up, I knew he had the magic. And that’s a rare thing to find with somebody.”

It’s a good thing that Cody enjoyed working with Rock because the two men could be having their first singles match together at WrestleMania 41 next April in Las Vegas.

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