Cody Rhodes Addresses Rumoured Match With The Rock

The Rock Cody Rhodes

Does Cody Rhodes think he’ll get a huge match with The Rock?

While Cody Rhodes “finishing the story” by defeating Roman Reigns was the big WrestleMania story, the presence of The Rock changed the dynamic entirely.

On night one of WrestleMania 40, Rock actually pinned Rhodes in tag team action to ensure the match with Reigns would be fought under ‘Bloodline Rules.’ 24 hours later, the Hollywood star tried to help Reigns to victory, but only got a Chokeslam from The Undertaker for his troubles.

The intensity of the rivalry between Rock and Rhodes, including the former leaving the American Nightmare a bloody mess on Raw, sparked speculation that could meet at WrestleMania 41. A coming together on the Raw after WrestleMania between the pair only strengthened this feeling.

While appearing on Good Morning Britain, Rhodes said he thinks a singles match with The Rock could happen.

“I wanna say yes. I wanna say yes. I think it’ll really come down to, can I be a good champion, or a great champion. Roman Reigns was a great champion.

And will that be enough to entice The Rock? Because that’s what’s happened here. Rock will tell you he made wrestling cool again. Rock made wrestling cool maybe in the first place, but this run it’s a whole new generation, a whole new locker room – Seth Rollins, Becky Lynch, myself, Rhea Ripley, all these people.

I think the more we keep this, the better we do, the more chances it lures Rock back in the fray.”

Cody Rhodes Felt Guilty After X-Rated Shot At The Rock

During a different interview, Cody Rhodes admitted he felt guilty about a fiery promo ahead of WrestleMania. In an effort to get back at The Rock who had not only attacked Rhodes but his mother and entire family, the American Nightmare questioned whether the star would show up at WrestleMania with “Big Dwayne Energy” or “Little Dick Syndrome.”

Rhodes said he was immediately worried by the line given how many children look up to him.

“I felt a little guilty because I have a lot of young, young, young fans and I would never want them to ask their mom about ‘LDS’ or this or that.

My run with WWE has been really for the family audience, and really for the little nightmares, these little kiddos. I just wouldn’t want to lead them astray in any way.”

H/t to Wrestle Talk