Why Cody Rhodes Felt Guilt After Controversial WWE Promo

Cody Rhodes WWE

Cody Rhodes was worried about the reaction of fans to his taunting of The Rock.

While the main story heading into WrestleMania 40 was Cody Rhodes’ quest to finish the story and defeat Roman Reigns, he became wrapped up in an increasingly personal rivalry with The Rock.

The Great One repeatedly taunted Rhodes as well as his mother, and even left him bloodied on Raw. This caused Rhodes to fight back and question whether Rock would show up at WrestleMania with “Big Dwayne Energy” or “Little Dick Syndrome.”

In a new interview with Jimmy Traina for Sports Illustrated, Rhodes reflected on the promo and revealed he felt guilty about the line given how many children look up to him.

“Fans in the arena loved it. There was a huge joy to this interview I did. However, for me, I felt a little guilty because I have a lot of young, young, young fans and I would never want them to ask their mom about ‘LDS’ or this or that.

My run with WWE has been really for the family audience, and really for the little nightmares, these little kiddos. I just wouldn’t want to lead them astray in any way and hopefully, that interview didn’t turn them off to me, if I am their guy, as their guy. Everyone after was so pumped about it, my wife was digging it, and I remember thinking I felt a little guilty.”

WWE Makes Big Cody Rhodes-Related Change

Upon defeating Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 40, Cody Rhodes was announced by Samantha Irvin as the new “Undisputed WWE Champion.” This was despite Reigns being billed as the “Undisputed WWE Universal Champion” as he held both the WWE and Universal Championships.

This led to some fans wondering whether the Universal Championship had been scrapped.

On WWE’s own website, Cody Rhodes is now listed as the Undisputed WWE Champion, however, clicking through to The American Nightmare’s profile shows that the company still recognise that he holds two separate titles.

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