Cody Rhodes Explains His Plans When Visiting WWE NXT

Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes declared his excitement ahead of his upcoming appearance on NXT this Tuesday night.

Speaking with the world’s media during the Fastlane press conference, The American Nightmare shared insight into his plans going into a ratings war episode of NXT.

With Adam Copeland making his in-ring debut as part of AEW Dynamite: Title Tuesday, it will see the two companies head-to-head for the first time since NXT was moved to Tuesdays in April 2021.

In response, WWE have announced Cody Rhodes, John Cena and Paul Heyman will all be attending the WWE Performance Centre.

Rhodes refused to shed light on his planned announcement, instead choosing to praise the NXT roster before mentioning he is excited to meet up with a WWE Hall of Famer.

“I just want to go. I have a specific announcement that I want to bring. I’m excited to be there. I’m excited to see Shawn Michaels and what he’s done. Carmelo Hayes is one of my favourite people. Trick [Williams] I mean, the whole [roster] it’s an impressive group. I don’t think that’s in the cards for me. But here’s the thing. I have probably told you guys a bazillion things and somehow ended up in that exact spot. So I don’t know.”

Cody Rhodes Sees Dusty Rhodes Everywhere In WWE Performance Centre

When Cody Rhodes returned to WWE at WrestleMania 38, he started on a journey to claim the companies Championship in honor of his father, Dusty Rhodes.

The American Nightmare feels no one has “really filled that spot” left by Dusty in NXT.

Dusty helped create the Performance Centre and helped multiple Superstars gain success in NXT and ensure they were prepared for the main roster.

Whilst appearing at the Fastlane Press Conference, Cody shared that he had no intention of ever being inside the building due to the emotional challenge of identifying his father’s work and influence.

“My manager can tell you this, when I came back to WWE, I flat out told them I will never step foot in the Performance Centre. The reason was not my dislike of the Performance Centre. [The reason] is he’s everywhere in there, and that’s hard. Then I ended up being in the Performance Centre, like a month later to do medical or something. [I’m like] ‘Okay, I went back on that.’

“Dusty taught communication. He taught promos. He called it communication. No one really filled that spot after he left. I always thought somebody like a Mick Foley or somebody would fill that spot. Somebody who’s been there, did it, you know?

But I am not going to teach them anything. I’m going to be there with them and just enjoy it and have a little fun. It’s outside my comfort zone. I’m genuinely terrified. I’m a little terrified of it. We’re in a crazy time for our industry and I’m excited for my announcement and to be able to bring that to the NXT universe and sports entertainment fans and wrestling fans.”

Rhodes is celebrating securing his first Championship win since rejoining WWE, after lifting the undisputed Tag Team Championships with Jey Uso after the pair combined to defeat the Judgment Day at Fastlane.

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