Cody Rhodes & Jey Uso Win WWE Tag Team Titles At Fastlane

cody rhodes jey uso wwe fastlane

New champions were crowned at WWE Fastlane as Cody Rhodes & Jey Uso became the Undisputed Tag Team Champions.

For the second straight WWE Premium Live Event, new Tag Team Champions were crowned. At WWE Payback in September, Damian Priest & Finn Balor beat Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens in a Steel City Street Fight match where they got a lot of help from The Judgment Day. However, that title reign has ended at just 35 days.

The WWE Fastlane PLE opened with the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Title match in front of a vocal crowd in Indianapolis. As usual in a match involving The Judgment Day, there was a lot of chaos around ringside with outside help from Rhea Ripley, Dominik Mysterio and even JD McDonagh, who is not officially in the group.

There was a key moment late in the match where Priest was battling Cody while on the commentary table, Cody moved and McDonagh swung the Money in the Bank briefcase so that it hit Priest in the left knee. Priest was selling a left knee injury during the match as well. Cody ended up hitting Priest with a Cross Rhodes onto the table to take him out.

With Priest taken care of, Jey hit a somersault dive to take out Balor & McDonagh on the floor. Back in the ring, Jey & Cody hit a 1D/Cody Cutter combo on Balor. Cody hit Cross Rhodes on Balor for the pinfall win right after. Cody & Jey were the new Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions.

Meanwhile, The Judgment Day was frustrated at ringside as Ripley yelled at McDonagh for screwing up. Priest didn’t like McDonagh being around The Judgment Day in the past, so what happened here isn’t going to help matters.

Cody Rhodes & Jey Uso have long histories with Tag Team Titles in WWE

Cody & Jey have a lot in common as second-generation wrestling stars with Hall of Famer fathers. Cody’s the son of Dusty Rhodes while Jey is one of Rikishi’s three sons currently in WWE. They also know a lot about winning tag team gold.

Jey Uso is a nine-time WWE Tag Team Champion who had his previous eight title reigns tagging with his brother Jimmy Uso. The Usos hold the record for the longest Tag Team Title reign in WWE at 622 days, which ended at WrestleMania 39 earlier this year when Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn beat them for the titles.

Cody Rhodes is now a seven-time WWE Tag Team Champion. Cody had two Tag Team Title reigns with his brother Goldust (Dustin Rhodes), two with Ted Dibiase, plus one with Drew McIntyre, Hardcore Holly and now Jey Uso as well.

By winning the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Titles, Cody & Jey will now be able to go on Raw & Smackdown any time they want. That could certainly set up interesting situations for both men with Cody going face to face with Roman Reigns (who returns to TV this Friday on Smackdown) and Jey confronting his family in The Blooding including cousin Reigns and brothers Jimmy Uso & Solo SIkoa.

Cody Rhodes & Jey Uso will also have every WWE Tag Team coming after them as well.