Cody Rhodes Believes Nobody Has Filled Dusty Rhodes’ Spot At WWE Performance Center

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Cody Rhodes continues to honour his father’s legacy.

Dusty Rhodes was crucial in the success of NXT, helping to shape the brand into what it is today. Along with this, his tutelage of the stars of the early days of NXT can be seen today with major names such as Roman Reigns, Becky Lynch and Kevin Owens all receiving amazing advice about their characters from The American Dream.

While speaking at the Fastlane press conference, Cody Rhodes revealed that he never planned to enter the Performace Center as it reminds him too much of his late father. However, plans were unexpectedly changed when he was required to undergo medical:

“My manager can tell you this, when I came back to WWE, I flat out told him, ‘I will never step foot in the Performance Center.’ The reason was, not my dislike of the Performance Center, he’s [Dusty Rhodes] everywhere in there. That’s hard. Then I ended up being in the Performance Center a month later to do medical. I went back on that. I just want to go…I have a specific announcement I want to bring and I’m excited to be there and see Shawn Michaels and what he’s done.

Continuing his story, The American Nightmare stated that no one can teach promos like his father did, but could see Mick Foley in that position:

Carmelo Hayes is one of my favorite people. Trick [Trick Williams]. It’s an impressive group. I don’t think that’s in the cards for me. Here’s the thing, I have probably told you guys a bazillion things and somehow ended up in that exact spot. I don’t know. Dusty told communication. He taught promos, he called it communication. No one really filled that spot after he left. I always thought somebody like Mick Foley would fill that spot. Someone who has been there and did it.

I’m not going to teach them anything. I’m going to be there with them and just enjoy it and have fun. It’s outside my comfort zone, I’m genuinely terrified. I’m a little terrified, but we’re in a crazy time for our industry and I’m excited for my announcement and to be able to bring that to the NXT universe, sports entertainment fans, and wrestling fans,” said Cody.

Cody Rhodes Set For NXT Return

Cody Rhodes is one of many main roster stars making a rare trip to NXT on October 10th. The 2023 Royal Rumble winner will be appearing live as he has a major announcement to deliver.

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