CM Punk Tried To Contact The Elite, Was Turned Away By Lawyers

CM Punk

CM Punk revealed that he tried to contact The Elite ahead of his AEW return.

Amidst continued tensions, CM Punk is on his way back to AEW. The star hasn’t been seen since his brawl with The Elite following his inflammatory comments at the All Out media scrum, and speaking in a new interview with ESPN, he opened up about the situation.

After explaining why he believes the brawl “wasn’t that big of a deal” and drama had been “exacerbated by people spreading lies,” Punk revealed that he attempted to get in contact with The Elite to discuss the situation, but his attempts were refused. According to Punk, any attempt to reach out was met with “messages from lawyers saying, ‘Do not contact this person.'” Punk told ESPN that he’s not sure whether that response came from legal representatives of The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega or whether they were from another third party.

Continuing, Punk made it clear that he resents being viewed as the “bad guy” in this situation and that he’ll continue to defend himself.

“Now we all got to roll in the f—ing mud, and that never should have happened and has never been course-corrected,” Punk said. “So, I understand people want to say that, ‘Oh, man, Punk is a dick.’ Well yeah, because I’m defending myself and I will always defend myself. I’m open to have a full-blown f—ing sit-down powwow discussion with everybody about it. But it hasn’t happened yet, and it’s not because of my lack of trying.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Punk apologized for his comments during the media scrum, saying he “handled it the wrong way.”

The main event of Collision’s debut on June 17th will see Punk team with FTR to take on the team of Samoa Joe, Jay White, and Juice Robinson.

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