CM Punk On AEW All Out Brawl – “It’s Been Exacerbated By People Spreading Lies”

CM Punk

CM Punk doesn’t believe the AEW All Out brawl was a big deal, and that drama has been amplified by people spreading lies about the situation.

The events following AEW All Out have become the stuff of legend. Moments after recapturing the AEW World Championship from Jon Moxley, CM Punk sat beside Tony Khan in a media scrum in which he blasted former friend Colt Cabana, ‘Hangman’ Adam Page, and though he didn’t call them out by name, the AEW EVP’s, who he said “couldn’t manage a Target.”

Enraged, The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega reportedly confronted Punk, and the two sides got into a brawl that also involved Punk’s friend and backstage producer Ace Steel. Not only were punches thrown, Steel reportedly threw a chair at Nick Jackson and bit Kenny Omega.

Everyone involved in the brawl was suspended, and Steel was later fired as the result of an internal investigation, but has since been rehired and is working remotely. The Elite returned to the company back in November at Full Gear, and Punk is set to make his return on the June 17th debut of AEW Collision.

Speaking in a new interview with ESPN, Punk made it clear that he can’t say much about the brawl itself and that everyone is trying to move past what happened. However, he did say that he feels the drama surrounding the event has been amplified by his absence due to injury as well as people “spreading lies.”

“I don’t think what happened was a big deal…” Punk said. “This has happened in the last 10 months in hockey, in basketball, in baseball, in just about every sport. And it’s covered and it’s gone the next day. I think because I have injured my tricep and I’ve been out for so long, I think it has been exacerbated. I think it’s been exacerbated by people spreading lies about the whole thing. And when, in reality, my attitude is, well, s— happens.”

“I Will Always Defend Myself” – CM Punk

Continuing, Punk said that he’s tried to reach out to The Elite to discuss the situation, but has been rebuffed by lawyers saying not to make contact. He is unsure whether the legal response was at the request of The Elite or another party, but he says he’ll continue defending himself when it comes to people’s opinions of him.

“Now we all got to roll in the f—ing mud, and that never should have happened and has never been course-corrected,” Punk said. “So, I understand people want to say that, ‘Oh, man, Punk is a dick.’ Well yeah, because I’m defending myself and I will always defend myself. I’m open to have a full-blown f—ing sit-down powwow discussion with everybody about it. But it hasn’t happened yet, and it’s not because of my lack of trying.”

Punk has promised to get a lot of things off his chest when he makes his AEW return tomorrow night on Collision.

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