What Does CM Punk Think About The Rock’s WWE Return

The Rock and CM Punk face-off on WWE Raw

CM Punk has given his thoughts on The Rock coming back to WWE.

The Rock has been tearing up the road to WrestleMania as he pursues a vendetta against Cody Rhodes for perceived disrespect against his family. The Great One has become an integral part of The Bloodline, and will team up with his cousin, Roman Reigns, to take on Rhodes and Seth Rollins in the main event of Night 1 of WrestleMania 40.

The People’s Champion isn’t the only star to have made a comeback to in recent months, as CM Punk shocked the world when he returned to WWE at Survivor Series. During a recent appearance on The MMA Hour, Punk gave his thoughts on The Great One being back in action, saying he likes it.

“I like it because, to me, you always want to leave people asking questions.”

The Straight Edge Superstar went on to explain that Rock brings in a bigger audience, which leads to more exposure for other stars in the company.

“Our audience is much wider than the internet. I know a lot of kids are on the internet, YouTube, and TikTok, and all that other stuff, but the TV audience is so much broader, and it’s global. So The Rock coming back is huge…gets a lot of eyeballs on different people and what that does is create an environment where ‘okay, you got to step up.'”

WWE Is Protecting CM Punk From Himself

In the same interview, CM Punk revealed how WWE is protecting him from himself. The star is currently on the shelf with a torn triceps, and says that while he has been pushing to get back into action, the company has been telling him to “pump the breaks” and heal properly.