CM Punk “Removed” From Wembley After Backstage Altercation

CM Punk

CM Punk was involved in more bad news at Wembley Stadium.

All In was the biggest night in AEW history as the company smashed the record for paid attendance at a wrestling show with 81,035 fans packing Wembley Stadium in London, England. But despite the record-setting night, all was not rosy in the land of All Elite.

Reports began to emerge during the show that CM Punk and Jack Perry had become involved in a physical altercation backstage following Perry’s pre-show match with HOOK. The bad blood seems to stem from Punk putting a stop to a spot that would have seen Jack Perry use real glass to injure himself on Collision.

CM Punk removed from Wembley Stadium

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Bryan Alvarez and Dave Meltzer discussed what took place at All In and confirmed that both Perry and Punk were ultimately removed from Wembley Stadium after their altercation:

“There was a HOOK match with Jack Perry and they did a spot on a car. They broke the glass and then Jack Perry looked in the camera and he said something to the effect of that’s real glass, cry me a river, they made a comment about using real glass.

“The point is that he wanted to make a point because he was going to do an injury angle on Collision and was meant to be taking a vacation to Hawaii. He wanted to do an angle involving glass and CM Punk said we don’t do glass here. So they did the glass spot on the pay-per-view and Jack Perry made the comment.

“So then, right before the PPV started, it was supposed to be CM Punk vs. Samoa Joe. This was moments before they came down to the ring, there was a physical altercation of some sort between CM Punk and Jack Perry, it was broken up, CM Punk went to the ring for his match, and he looked like he was irritated.

“He ends up doing the match and winning the match, he goes to the back and there is security there. Security immediately escorts CM Punk back to his dressing room. Jack Perry was then told to leave, he left the building. CM Punk then stayed in his dressing room with security for I’m not sure how long. But eventually, security then came and removed him from the building. Then at the post-show press conference, Tony Khan said I’m not going to talk about this in any more detail, but there was an altercation and we are doing an investigation.”

What the investigation will find remains to be seen but after the infamous backstage fight at All Out 2022, all parties were suspended until that investigation was complete.

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