CM Punk Never Set For Blood & Guts

CM Punk

CM Punk’s reported pitch was never going to become a reality.

Punk had reportedly offered to be a part of the Blood & Guts match, siding with The Blackpool Combat Club to take on The Elite. As it looked like any differences between Punk and The Elite had possibly been settled, this was never going to happen.

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer stated that he too had heard the reports about the former AEW Champion taking part in the cage match, and also another rumour about being a part of the G1:

I heard that story but it kind of made no sense. It’s the same as I heard the story that he was interested in going into the G1 and it’s like no, he’s not going to the G1. That would defeat the whole purpose and it wouldn’t be a good idea anyway. In any way, shape or form, business-wise it makes no sense. All I know is that the other side has no knowledge of any of this, they claim it is not true. If it happened, it would have been management stopping it without telling the other side. Which has been going on since day one.

Following both sides needing extra team members, The Elite would recruit Kota Ibushi into the match and The BCC would enlist the services of Konosuke Takeshita and PAC. The match would be won by Kenny Omega and co when both PAC and Takeshita made the decision to exit the cage early, leaving The Blackpool Combat Club at a substantial disadvantage.

CM Punk Causes More AEW Frustrations

Almost one year on from the infamous All Out press conference, Punk has once again caused frustrations amongst multiple AEW personnel. Multiple stars have reportedly travelled for a Collision taping, but have then been told to not go to the arena. Following a series of insults directed at Adam Page after Collision went off of the air, Punk has since apologised to the former World Champion.