CM Punk Leaves WWE SmackDown In An Ambulance

CM Punk frown

CM Punk’s triumphant return to WWE SmackDown in Chicago ended with a trip in an ambulance.

At the WWE SmackDown in Chicago, former WWE Champion CM Punk received a huge ovation from his hometown crowd as usual. Punk did a promo bragging about how he cost Drew McIntyre the World Heavyweight Title at the Clash at the Castle PLE on Saturday.

The promo was interrupted by WWE Hall of Famer Paul Heyman, who said that Punk was his best friend. Heyman implored his friend Punk to leave the ring because Solo Siko and The Bloodline didn’t like that Chicago was CM Punk’s town since Solo thinks every town is his town.

This led to Solo Sikoa, Tama Tonga and Tonga Loa trying to attack Punk in the ring, but the WWE Champion Cody Rhodes was there for the save with baseball bats for Punk and himself. The Bloodline retreated, so Cody challenged Solo to a match later in the show. At that point, Punk was in a great mood as he hugged Cody.

Later in the show, Kayla Braxton was interviewing Grayson Waller when #DIY’s Johnny Gargano & Tommaso Ciampa showed up to trash talk Waller about being a bad friend to Austin Theory. While that was going on, there was a loud banging noise against the garage door that was behind them.

That’s when the garage door was lifted and a bloody CM Punk was on the ground. Why was he bloody? Because of Drew McIntyre, who “quit” WWE on Monday’s Raw.

Drew McIntyre had blood all over his hands while Punk’s head was bleeding heavily. McIntyre put Punk on his shoulders and walked backstage until he made his way out into the arena. McIntyre dumped Punk on the floor. McIntyre didn’t say a single word, but he did take a bracelet that Punk had on his wrist and Drew put it in his pocket.

The WWE SmackDown GM Nick Aldis walked out from the back and shoved McIntyre, so McIntyre shoved him back. There were other officials there to check on Punk as well as a medical team that was there to put Punk on a stretcher.

After a commercial break, CM Punk was loaded into an ambulance and driven away while GM Aldis was frustrated.

Later in the show, Kayla Braxton said she tried to talk to Drew, but Drew said nothing other than he’ll see us on Monday. Braxton said that CM Punk would be staying at the hospital overnight to be evaluated.

Did CM Punk Announce If He Is Cleared To Return?

At the WWE Clash at the Castle press conference six days earlier, CM Punk said that he was skipping Raw to meet with his doctors and then hopefully announce positive news on Smackdown in Chicago about being cleared to return to the ring.

During his speech on Smackdown, Punk never mentioned his injury recovery from his torn triceps. Paul Heyman did note that Punk was close to being cleared, but they didn’t announce anything specific.

The McIntyre attack on Punk will likely take Punk out for a bit of time and it has been rumored that the McIntyre-Punk match will likely take place at SummerSlam on August 3rd in Cleveland.