WWE Plans For CM Punk Still “Up In The Air”

Drew McIntyre CM Punk WWE Promo

There’s no guarantee CM Punk will be at SummerSlam.

Despite being injured, CM Punk has thrown himself into making Drew McIntyre’s life as miserable as possible. At WrestleMania 40 he played a role in the star losing the World Championship just after winning it, and at Clash at the Castle Punk made sure McIntyre left without the gold.

On that occasion, it took a referee’s uniform and a low blow, but he got the job done. In the hours after the match, Punk said he was looking to get cleared and would be appearing on SmackDown to share the good news. However, it’s been reported CM Punk will miss Money in the Bank, but WWE expects him back for SummerSlam.

Reporting in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer said that while the hope is McIntyre vs. Punk will take place at the summer spectacular, the latter’s return remains “up in the air.”

The hope is that Punk vs. McIntyre will take place at SummerSlam on 8/3 in Cleveland, but we were told that as of right now it’s up in the air whether Punk would be ready by that date. It was emphasized to me that he could be ready but it’s not a sure thing. Punk will be making an announcement on Smackdown this week which was teased like he would be announcing he’s cleared.

Jim Ross Wishes CM Punk Stayed With AEW

CM Punk’s AEW run promised much and delivered a series of high-points but it ultimately ended in chaos and controversy. Against a backdrop of backstage unrest and more than one physical altercation, Punk was fired by the company in September 2023.

However, despite the madness, Jim Ross has admitted he wishes CM Punk was still with AEW. The legendary announcer said Punk contributed a lot while he was with the company, but ultimately his personality didn’t fit.