CM Punk Joining NWA Would Be “A Game Changer” According To EC3

CM Punk

Could CM Punk’s next appearance in wrestling be in the NWA?

With the dust now settling on the news that Punk has been fired from AEW, the big topic of discussion now is what is next for the former AEW World Champion. Specifically, the two biggest talking points are how long is the non-compete clause and if Punk decides to wrestle again, where will he go?

Financially WWE seems like the most logical choice as they will have the funds to afford to pay whatever salary Punk would be asking for. However, the new NWA World Heavyweight Champion EC3 has a different idea.

Speaking with Sportskeeda Wrestlebinge, EC3 has given a lot of praise to the former AEW star and believes that he would be a perfect fit in the organisation:

“Obviously, CM Punk, Chicago ties with Billy Corgan so that would be a fantastic challenger. There is a lot of speculation and roundabout talking about the dealings with him and his previous employer, whatever. What I do think about him is that he is dynamite in the ring and dynamite on the microphone. We can definitely draw a lot of intrigue and I’d be into it.

With issues backstage reportedly being a catalyst for Punk making the headlines, EC3 has assured fans that the NWA locker room is a much less hostile environment:

Throwing that out there, to have him come in, would be a game changer. Our locker room has a more professional atmosphere sometimes, so I don’t think the shenanigans and tomfoolery of the intertwining and dramatics would take place as much as people striving to be the best version of themselves and the best version of anybody as EC3 as the Worlds Heavyweight Champion,”

When Could CM Punk Wrestle Again?

The release of CM Punk is a rather unique case as he has been “terminated with cause.” This is different to a contract expiration or a decision to release Punk due to third-party circumstances. With so few people actually released from their AEW deals, lengths of non-competes and specific terms are still not as common knowledge as they are in other companies like WWE.

What could be rather worrying for fans of Punk, if the terms of the release are the same as WWE then fans will have to wait a long time to see the Second City Saint wrestle again.

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