CM Punk Heard Yelling “I Quit” Backstage At All In

CM Punk promo on AEW Collision

CM Punk looked to no-show his Wembley Stadium appearance and walk out of the company altogether.

Unfortunately for AEW, the events that took place on the All In pre-show have now become just as newsworthy as the event itself, with the company still feeling the effects of it nearly a week later. As reported in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the opening match between Punk and Samoa Joe was nearly scrapped altogether.

Following the physical altercation, Punk would lunge in the direction of Tony Khan, but multiple people prevented that from escalating. Punk was also heard yelling “I Quit” and monitors were knocked over during the commotion. With it looking like the Punk vs. Joe match would have to be delayed or scrapped entirely, it was then reported that FTR vs. The Young Bucks was asked to go on first, but neither party were ready at that time as they were told they still had an hour to prepare.

Punk was eventually calmed down by Joe and the opening match took place as planned. Many also praised Joe for the way that he behaved backstage, with one person making the comment that Joe united everybody by being level-headed:

“It kind of brought everyone together and Samoa Joe was a real leader”

What Happened Backstage Between CM Punk & Jack Perry?

Things got heated very quickly between Punk and Perry after the former FTW Champion came backstage after his match on the zero-hour portion of the event following a comment made by Perry about real glass being used in his match. Punk asked Perry if there was a problem and then reportedly threatened him with the line “I could f**k you up at any time.”