What CM Punk Said To Jack Perry During All In Altercation

CM Punk Jack Perry AEW

New specifics regarding the backstage confrontation between CM Punk and Jack Perry have been revealed.

As reported in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the series of events from Perry’s perspective has been repeated by various sources. It is said that after Perry’s match that included the “It’s real glass, go cry me a river” line, Punk approached Perry with multiple people around and asked him “Do we have a problem?” Perry responded that they did not.

Perry’s account continued with Punk saying the following line as a threat:

“You know I could f*** you up at any time, right?”

Perry then claims that Punk attempted to pie face Perry, attempted a guillotine on him and threw some “awkward” punches, as they were not dealing any damage. It is also said that Perry was able to hold Punk’s arm to prevent him from locking in the guillotine. The altercation was quickly broken up by Samoa Joe, with Perry not looking to have any damage on him aside from what was sustained in the pre-show match.

What Is The Latest On CM Punk & Jack Perry

In the days that followed the infamous events in London, both men were suspended by AEW pending the results of a full investigation that is taking place. In the days that followed, neither Punk or Tony Khan have been in direct communication with each other, instead choosing to give updates through respective legal teams.

The accurate series of events that took place is still unknown as each side has a slightly different story regarding the specific details. If Khan wanted concrete evidence of what happened, footage of the incident is available.