Christopher Daniels Lashes Out At “Garbage” Targeted At AEW Employee

Christopher Daniels AEW

Christopher Daniels is not happy with the “garbage” directed at AEW’s Chief Legal Officer.

CM Punk has endured the most turbulent week in its history as it went from the high of the biggest paid attendance at a wrestling show ever to the low of having to fire CM Punk less than a week later following Punk’s backstage altercation with Jack Perry at All In.

On-screen, All Out proved to be a big success for the company with the stars, some of whom did not make it on the Wembley card pulling out all the stops to put on the best show possible. But still, questions remain about the management of AEW with commentators and podcasters pouring fuel on the fire.

Jim Cornette had a lot to say on the situation but in his usual forthright style, he also made personal comments about AEW’s Chief Legal Officer Megha Parekh that have nothing to do with Punk’s firing. These of course have caused a storm on social media all of its own.

Taking to social media, AEW’s Head of Talent Relations Christopher Daniels couldn’t keep his counsel any longer as he slammed the rumours and innuendo put out there about Parekh:

“I’ve kept my mouth shut about a lot of things in this past year, but the unsubstantiated garbage I’ve read in the past day about AEW’s chief legal officer is an embarrassment to anyone spouting it. Absolutely the last person who should be maligned in this situation.”

Christopher Daniels caught up in CM Punk situation before All In

Christopher Daniels might be AEW’s Head of Talent Relations but despite that role, he was unable to attend Collision shows due to CM Punk’s presence on AEW’s Saturday night offerings.

Punk was said to be unhappy about Daniels’ involvement in the backstage fight at All Out in 2022 and felt that if Ace Steel could not attend shows then he didn’t want Daniels at Collision either. That will be likely to change following Punk’s firing.