Chris Jericho Claims Adam Copeland Is “Motivated Again” In AEW

Adam Copeland making AEW debut

Chris Jericho is ready to see some of Adam Copeland’s best work in All Elite Wrestling.

On October 1st, Copeland shocked the wrestling world by making his AEW debut at WrestleDream. The Rated-R Superstar had just come off a 25-year run in WWE and many didn’t think fans would see him working for any other company.

According to Chris Jericho, the move offers a lot of opportunities for the former Edge. Speaking at the post-WrestleDream media scrum, Jericho explained that the “vibe” of the company is very different to WWE.

“I’ve known Adam since 1995. He loves wrestling. Sometimes, in other places, that love of wrestling kind of gets squashed and warped a bit, maybe. It’s not like that in AEW.

“When some of the other guys came, like FTR and Adam Cole and those guys, they couldn’t believe the difference and the vibe of what we have here.”

The Ocho believes Copeland is “super motivated” and that will only lead to great things for the star. In fact, he claims we’re about to see some of the best work Copeland “has ever done.”

“Talking with Adam and seeing him come out to the ring, he’s super stoked and super excited and super motivated. When you’re motivated, that’s when great wrestlers become even better and more legendary.

“He’s already a great wrestler. He’s a first-round Hall of Famer. Now that he’s motivated again, I think we’re going to see some of the best work Adam Copeland has ever done now here in AEW.”

Why did Adam Copeland leave WWE?

Shortly after his AEW debut, Adam Copeland addressed his reasons for leaving WWE. The nine-time World Champion first made it clear that he still loves and appreciates the company and the opportunities it provided for him.

“But first and foremost I want to address my 25 years with WWE. I love WWE and appreciate everything the company did for me. Always have, always will. They put me on the map, gave me amazing opportunities and through hard work on both ends, I’ve been supplied with a wonderful life. Hell, WWE helped me meet the woman I’d start my family with.”

However, he believes he and the company have “outgrown each other” as he wanted to do more than he could by staying there.

“Sometimes relationships just grow apart and I feel the WWE and I have just outgrown each other. I wanted to do more. They didn’t have much more for me to do. Simple as that. And that’s ok. I’ll still be watching and still be supporting all of my friends there.”

H/T to Fightful for the above transcription.