Adam Copeland (Edge) Makes AEW Debut At WrestleDream

adam copeland edge aew wrestledream

Adam Copeland (formerly known as Edge) is All Elite after making his debut at the AEW WrestleDream pay-per-view where he saw a very familiar face.

In the main event of the AEW WrestleDream pay-per-view in Seattle, Christian Cage defeated Darby Allin in a brutal 2 out of 3 Falls Match to retain the TNT Title.

It was a controversial finish to the match because after the referee was knocked down, Allin’s friend Nick Wayne looked like he would help Allin beat Cage. Instead, Cage turned on Allin by hitting him with the TNT Title. Christian Cage covered Allin to get the pinfall win and retain his title.

After the match, Christian Cage celebrated with the TNT Title while Wayne went into the ring and hugged his “father figure” Christian. They double-teamed Allin until Sting made his way down to the ring to help his buddy Allin. Luchasaurus made his way to help Christian & Wayne, so it was a 3-on-2 advantage. Christian was about to do a Conchairto to Sting, but then the lights went out.

A video aired saying “Our Feature Presentation.” A car was shown driving down a road and towards the building. The lights came back on.

That’s when the “Metalingus” song played as WWE Hall of Famer Edge made his AEW debut. The fans gave him a huge ovation as he posed in the aisle while there was smoke everywhere and the pyro going off around him just like when he was in WWE.

Copeland got into the ring with his lifelong best friend Christian Cage, who handed him the chair because Christian thought that Adam was on his side. Nope. Copeland used the chair to hit Wayne and Luchasaurus. He also hit his patented Spear on both of them. However, Christian Cage left the ring and never made contact with his best friend.

While the fans were cheering all of this, Copeland shook hands with Darby Allin and Sting to show he’s a good guy just like them.

On commentary, the announcers called him Adam Copeland and also the “Rated R Superstar” so he is able to use that moniker.

Adam Copeland is All Elite

Moments after his debut at WrestleDream, AEW CEO & GM Tony Khan jumped onto X/Twitter to make it official with the graphic that Adam Copeland is All Elite. AEW obviously can’t use the “Edge” name that WWE owns, so they are using his real name.

AEW is calling it the Rated R Era. Over a week ago, Tony Khan said that it was going to be the start of a “new era” in AEW, so that’s clearly what he was referring to.

As you can see below, AEW is already promoting merchandise for Adam Copeland.

We will have plenty more information on the AEW debut of Adam Copeland in the coming days.