Chris Jericho Answers Don Callis On Dynamite

chris jericho aew dynamite spikes

Chris Jericho had an answer for Don Callis on Dynamite.

Chris Jericho was a leader without a flock for the first time during his AEW run after The Jericho Appreciation Society turned their backs and walked out on Jericho after growing frustrated with his lack of attention and the influence of Don Callis.

Callis had cracked Daniel Garcia with a baseball bat on the previous week’s show to allow Jericho and Konosuke Takeshita to pick up a win over Garcia and Sammy Guevara and that proved to be the final straw. Callis had asked Chris Jericho to join his family and on Dynamite in Nashville, Callis got his answer.

What did Chris Jericho tell Don Callis?

Callis and Jericho met in the ring and they ran down their long history together while a covered painting stood in the corner. Ultimately, Chris Jericho shocked the crowd and Callis himself when he told him his answer was yes and the two embraced to celebrate their new partnership.

Don Callis proved a bit too keen to get out of the ring to celebrate but Jericho wanted to see the painting. After some back and forth, Jericho uncovered the artwork which depicted Callis holding the severed head of Jericho.

Callis admitted he did not expect Jericho to want to join him and after trading insults, Callis slapped Jericho in the face. Chris Jericho grabbed his former friend and backed him into the corner before having to deal with Konosuke Takeshita who came into the ring. As Jericho was dishing out a beating to him, he was jumped from behind by Will Ospreaysetting up Ospreay vs. Jericho for All In.