Chris Jericho To Answer Don Callis After JAS Falls Apart

Chris Jericho and Jericho Appreciation Society

Chris Jericho faced a rebellion on Dynamite.

Problems in the Jericho Appreciation Society have been bubbling in the last few weeks ever since Don Callis attempted to recruit his old friend Chris Jericho to his family.

Jericho was non-committal to Callis but his reluctance to tell him no did not sit well with the other members of the JAS. On the 200th edition of Dynamite, things bottomed out for the group as Jericho teamed with Konosuke Takeshita to defeat Sammy Guevara and Daniel Garcia. That win only came, however, due to the intervention of Don Callis who nailed Garcia with Jericho’s baseball bat right in front of The Ocho who then just covered Garcia to pick up the victory.

That led to a run-in between Jericho, Cool Hand Angelo Parker, and Daddy Magic Matt Menard later in the night when Menard told his leader that there would be a mandatory meeting of the JAS on the next edition of Dynamite.

What did the JAS tell Chris Jericho on Dynamite?

Dynamite in Columbus, Ohio opened with the mandatory meeting and the rest of the Jericho Appreciation Society got the chance to speak their mind to the first AEW World Champion.

Daniel Garcia was the first to say his piece which ultimately ended with him walking out on the group. Jake Hager, who has known Jericho since their days in WWE, was the next to go despite noting that he liked his hat as part of the group.

Tay Melo was next to leave before Anna Jay did the same ahead of her AEW Women’s Title shot against Hikaru Shida. Parker and Menard didn’t waste any time before leaving which left Jericho alone with Sammy Guevara.

Guevara was wearing his Inner Circle vest highlighting his relationship with Chris Jericho which goes back to the first edition of Dynamite in 2019. The Spanish God told Jericho he wasn’t walking out on him but he needed Jericho to decide where his future lay.

Backstage after the segment, Jericho was approached by the cause of all his problems, Don Callis, and told Callis that he’d have an answer for him next week.