Konnan Discusses Frightening Don Callis Attack

Don Callis

At the recent AAA Triplemania XXXI show in Tijuana, Mexico El Hijo del Vikingo successfully defended his AAA Mega Championship against Kenny Omega but the real headlines came after the show when Don Callis was attacked as he and Konosuke Takeshita looked to get the better of Omega once again.

Don Callis found himself on the wrong end of a surprise attack that was originally believed to be from a fan but according to Konnan, came from someone who knew the security team working at the show.

Speaking on his Keepin’ It 100 podcast, Konnan explained the real story of who was behind attacking Don Callis and sought to put to bed some of the inaccurate rumors that had made the rounds:

“Did he get attacked by a reporter? I go, ‘That’s very inaccurate.’ The guy with Cornette, Brian Last, had written something where, according to Roy Lucier, who is a Triple A super fan who was in the first row, he said the guy was a photographer. I’m like, ‘I don’t know how he would deduce that because he was not a photographer.’

“What had happened was, Kenny was doing this interview and Takeshita was going to attack him from behind. Don was going to come out and berate [Kenny] and Kenny was going to go after him. When he goes after him, Takeshita attacks him. We already had security on hand to separate everybody.

“Some jack-off, he can thank his lucky stars that the group that usually takes care of me in [Tijuana] were out bodyguarding this politician or he would have had his ass handed to him right then and there. This f*cking guy, who I guess, from what the promoter told me, he does security for him and he was there because the guys who were in the security force were his bros and he went to say hi to them. Why was this motherf*cker getting involved?

“I’m kind of producing the segment, so I’m looking at the cameras to make sure they get what they have to shoot, and all of a sudden, I hear Don going, ‘What the f*ck.’ I look on the floor and this guy is trying to choke him out. Don gets up and he’s got a busted lip, his suit is ripped, he goes, ‘this is f*ckin’ amateur hour. What the f*ck.’

“I was stunned, I couldn’t believe what I had seen. The guy disappeared and I was like, ‘the guy that grabbed Don, he needs to be found before he leaves the f*cking arena.’ I went in there and I f*cking berated him and I got him fired. He’s very lucky that my boys weren’t there, they would have handed him his ass. It was not a photographer.”

h/t Fightful