Chris Jericho Names AEW Dynamite Loss As One Of His “Coolest Moments”

Chris Jericho

The goal in pro wrestling is to win matches, but sometimes losing can be pretty cool too as Chris Jericho can attest.

During his AEW career, Chris Jericho has won plenty of big matches since he was the first-ever AEW World Champion and a former ROH World Champion. Jericho has also lost to some of the biggest names in the company like Jon Moxley, Adam Cole, Orange Cassidy, MJF, Darby Allin & Sting just to name a few. Jericho has also lost to a lesser-known talent named Action Andretti too.

On the Winter Is Coming episode of AEW on December 14, 2022, Chris Jericho faced a newcomer named Action Andretti, which produced one of the biggest upsets in AEW history when Andretti beat Jericho clean to the shock of the audience in the building and at home.

Chris Jericho had a recent episode of his Talk Is Jericho podcast going over some of his favorite AEW matches where he spoke at length about losing to Action Andretti.

“Here we are in Garland, Texas, which I believe is right outside of Dallas. And I show up, and he had no idea what was going on, and I brought him into the office. I said here’s what we’re gonna do. I’m going to have a tune-up match, and we’re going to make you look really good. And then you’re going to beat me clean with your finish. And you should have seen the look on his face where he was like a dream come true. Like what? And that’s exactly what we did.”

“And I remember when we came out, the crowd was having fun because they were chanting ‘let’s go, jobber.’ Because I put it together where he looks really good. Then, of course, I hit him with the Codebreaker. And everyone knows that the stats to finish except for it wasn’t, and he kicks out.”

“So we come back from break, and then now people are really into the match. Because now they think okay, he’s still not going to win. But this is going to be pretty exciting stuff. And lo and behold, what does he do? He wins with a running Shooting Star Press. 1-2-3, the crowd goes nuts.”

“He runs around. High fives and jumps in the ring. It was one of the coolest moments of my career because nobody saw it coming. Not one person could predict that this Action Andretti was going to beat Chris Jericho in one of the biggest upsets in pro wrestling history.”

While Jericho is right that nobody saw it coming and it was a cool moment, there are also critics about what happened because AEW really hasn’t used Action Andretti that much over the last eight months.

Chris Jericho Must Make Important Decision About AEW Future

On last Wednesday’s AEW Dynamite, every member of the Jericho Appreciation Society quit on the leader of the group, Chris Jericho. Some of them were aggressive about it while others, like Sammy Guevara, perhaps kept the door open in terms of being loyal to Jericho again in the future.

Following that segment in the ring, Jericho was shown walking backstage where he told Don Callis that he’ll let him know this Wednesday on Dynamite (August 16th) if he’ll join the Don Callis Family.

While Jericho is yet to have a match announced for AEW All In in Wembley Stadium in two weeks, there was a report that the first ever Will Ospreay-Chris Jericho match could be part of the event.