WWE Hall Of Famer Praises Charlotte Flair: “She’s a Perfectionist”

Charlotte Flair

A WWE Hall of Famer has praised Charlotte Flair for her work ethic and dedicating her life to being a pro wrestling perfectionist.

As a 14-time WWE Women’s Champion, Charlotte Flair is by far the most decorated woman in company history in terms of the number of titles held.

Charlotte Flair’s most recent title reign ended at WrestleMania 39 back in April when Rhea Ripley took the Smackdown Women’s Title. It’s a match that was praised heavily as one of the best women’s matches in WWE history.

Currently, Charlotte is not holding a title in WWE, but as she has said in the past, she’s not a woman that has to get in line because she is the line.

Molly Holly is a WWE Hall of Famer who knows what it takes to be at the top of the women’s division. Molly is also a Producer in WWE, so she has worked with Flair many times as well. In an interview with WrestlingInc, she spoke about the kind of competitor that Flair is.

“She eats, sleeps, breathes this business. Wrestling is her life. She is a perfectionist. I have had very few conversations about anything other than how she can be better, even though she’s already one of the best.”

“And so I think one of the reasons why I may have mentioned her in the past is just that I know that she could make me look better than I really am, and I need all the help I can get.”

“Now that I’m more connected to the WWE, I do see other people who are also amazing, who are also very dedicated and extraordinary that I’m in awe of. In that particular interview, I probably mentioned Charlotte, but there’s a reason why she is at the top.”

Charlotte Flair lost her most recent title match against IYO SKY

On the October 20th edition of Smackdown, Charlotte Flair faced off against WWE Women’s Champion IYO SKY. There were a few moments in the match where it looked like Flair might win the title, but SKY’s friends Bayley & Dakota Kai got involved.

After Flair took out Bayley on the floor, Kai was on the apron distracting the referee, which allowed Sky to bring the title into the ring. Flair delivered a Spear to Sky, but unfortunately, Flair hit her head on the title and she sold it like she was knocked out. Sky covered Flair for the win.

Following the match, former Women’s Champion Bianca Belair made her return and saved Flair from an attack. It is Belair who gets the next shot at Sky at Crown Jewel on November 4th while Flair will look forward to her next title shot down the road.