Carmella Reveals If She’ll Return To WWE After Having Children

Carmella WWE

Carmella has discussed her career plans after she gives birth to her first child.

Carmella last competed in a WWE ring back in March before abruptly disappearing from TV. On May 1st, she and her husband Corey Graves announced they were expecting their first child together. The couple later confirmed they were having a baby boy.

Speaking to, Carmella has given her thoughts on what she’ll do career-wise following the birth of her son and says she plans to mix it up in a WWE ring again but stresses that she’ll be in no rush:

“I for sure plan to come back. I think it’s important to show you can have a baby and still have a career, especially a very physical one at that, but I’m not going to rush.

“I really just want to take my time recovering and making sure that I feel great and ready to go back and not sort of rushing because I don’t even know what to expect as far as how I’m going to feel after having a baby.”

Which other wrestling stars alongside Carmella are expecting a baby?

Currently, Alexa Bliss is also out of action as she and her husband Ryan Cabrera get ready to welcome their baby girl to the world.

In AEW, Tay Melo has still been featured on television as part of the disgruntled Jericho Appreciation Society while pregnant with her and husband Sammy Guevara’s first child.