Carmella Struts Her Stuff At Miami Swim Week Show (VIDEO)

carmella wwe raw smile

Carmella is keeping busy during her pregnancy as she takes to the catwalk for a bikini fashion show.

Carmella last competed in a WWE ring back in early March on a live event and many eyebrows were raised when she was apparently pulled from TV and a potential team with Chelsea Green. However, it soon emerged that the reason for the change of plan was due to her being pregnant with her and WWE announcer Corey Graves’ child.

But while the former SmackDown Women’s Champion obviously can’t compete in a WWE ring, she can take to the catwalk for a Miami Swim Week Show where she showcased the latest in bikini fashion and her baby bump at the same time.

Carmella announced her pregnancy to Good Morning America back in May while also noting that she was cautious due to her previous tragic experiences with miscarriage:

“It’s just all been such a whirlwind. I think because of my past, it was hard to get excited off the bat about this one, but I was cautiously optimistic. I try to have a good mindset, a positive mindset this time around, and it’s working. So I’m very happy about that.”

“I’ve been nauseous. I’ve been so tired, more tired than I’ve ever been in my life. But I’ve never been so happy to feel so awful. I’ve been great, I mean mentally. It’s kind of this weird space where I’m excited, but also just a little apprehensive because of the miscarriages. It’s unfortunate that it robs you of the true excitement that should be there.”

There are a few wrestling personalities celebrating pregnancies at the same time as Carmella as her fellow WWE star Alexa Bliss is also expecting as is AEW’s Tay Melo.