Tay Melo On Pregnancy Reveal – “I Was Not Really Expecting The Love”

Tay Melo Sammy Guevara pregnancy announcement

Tay Melo and Sammy Guevara opened up about announcing their pregnancy at AEW Double or Nothing.

The semi-main event of AEW Double or Nothing saw Sammy Guevara attempt to become AEW World Champion in a fatal four way match against Darby Allin, Jack Perry, and current champion MJF.

While Guevara failed to capture the title, his entrance to the bout holds special meaning as he and wife Tay Melo announced that they’re expecting their first child together. The couple have been a prominent presence on-screen for quite some time, and in a callback, they used Guevara’s signature cue cards to tell the world that their family was expanding. The two were married last August.

Speaking in an interview with TMZ Sports, the couple opened up about their decision to announce the pregnancy live on pay-per-view. Melo said the timing of the show was perfect as she was three months along and felt comfortable sharing the news.

“The timing was perfect because it was at about three months, so we were comfortable to say it. I was like, ‘Well, let’s talk to TK and see what he thinks, and then let’s go, let’s do this.’”

Sammy Guevara then spoke about making the announcement using cue cards.

“Then it was like how do we do it? What’s the best way to go about it? Maybe we don’t actually say. Maybe we write it on the poster boards and that says it for us.”

Tay Melo responded to her husband, saying the cue cards were the perfect way to make the announcement amidst huge nerves about the moment.

“I’m glad you did because we were so nervous. So it was fun. A cool and special moment, for sure.”

Both Melo and Guevara spoke about being nervous for the big announcement, with Guevara opening up about the difficulty of getting into the mindset of the match after everyone congratulating them on their pregnancy. He said he wasn’t sure how people would react to the news after he’s been booed for so long, but feels the crowd is “coming back around.”

“It was this real moment right before we’re about to beat each other up. I had to snap out of it. I almost started crying as Darby was coming in. I’m like punching myself in the face, like ‘Come on, you gotta focus.’ It was just very surreal, you know, us four young guys wrestling for the world title, and then right before that, going out there and announcing that we’re having a baby.

“The crowd’s coming back around on me, but we were not always the most loved people out there, so for them to give us that big reaction, that everyone was happy and showing us the love, it was overwhelming in a way where I was like, ‘Okay, we gotta get back into it.’”

Melo echoed his sentiments, saying she didn’t expect the fans to react so happily for the couple. Getting such a positive reaction was very special for her.

“It was pretty cool, we didn’t know what to expect, and we talked about it before. I’m like, I don’t know, maybe the crowd is gonna boo, and then we just need to be ready for it because we never know what to expect. They were so excited, which made it so much better. I was about to cry because I was not really expecting the love, so it was really special.”

Tay Melo has also revealed that when she returns from maternity leave she has her sights firmly set on winning a championship.

h/t Fightful