Brock Lesnar “Nixed” Bray Wyatt WrestleMania Match

Brock Lesnar

Amid ongoing speculation regarding whose idea the match was, Brock Lesnar will face Omos at WrestleMania 39 but things could have been very different.

As ever, WrestleMania is a focal point for rumours regarding what huge matches will take place on WWE’s biggest show of the year. The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin had long been discussed for matches but it doesn’t look like those WWE icons will be on the card in Los Angeles, CA. One WWE icon who looks like they will be is John Cena who will soon return to Monday Night Raw where he could face a “warm, warm welcome” from one star.

For months now, rumours have swirled over what Brock Lesnar’s role will be at WrestleMania 39 and fans got their answer on Raw when he accepted the challenge laid down to him by MVP to face the giant Omos. While that might not have been what many fans had hoped for, it has been suggested that Vince McMahon himself “pushed through” those plans to make that match happen.

Fightful Select has now delved into the different possible opponents for Lesnar that had been mooted at one time or another. Steve Austin was considered, as was Gunther, and even Bobby Lashley but one name mentioned stood out given their own challenge to the winner of the Lesnar/Lashley match that took place at Elimination Chamber.

Bray Wyatt was said to be considered as Brock Lesnar’s opponent but Lesnar himself is said to have nixed that idea but no details why have been given. It was also noted that The Beast Incarnate personally approved the bout with Omos while Lashley looks to be on a collision course with Wyatt for the show.

Interestingly, it also noted that an “undisclosed backup plan” exists for Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania, hinting that the company could yet still pivot on his match. As far as any notion of Vince McMahon’s involvement in putting it together, sources as close to Lesnar as you can get have suggested that it “could be true.”