Bray Wyatt Promo On Smackdown Provided Phone Number With Interesting Message

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A recent WWE Smackdown promo from Bray Wyatt was followed by a video that included a phone number with a very unique message.

The November 25th episode of WWE Smackdown featured Bray Wyatt making his slow walking entrance to the ring with a lantern in his head leading to a promo in the ring. As we covered in our Smackdown review, here’s a summary of what Wyatt said.

“Wyatt said he knows that people talk about him and say things behind his back. Wyatt said his whole life people have thought he was a rabid animal. Wyatt said he knows that people just want to see the monster and The Fiend (the fans cheered). Wyatt asked the fans if they wanted to see the show to see the human tornado destroy himself, but Wyatt said that he didn’t want to be that anymore.

Wyatt continued talking about the burdens he had to go through in his life. Wyatt said that violence is the only language that he has shown us that he can ever speak and Wyatt talked about how he was not the one that attacked LA Knight. As Wyatt extended his arm, a video cued up.”

There was a video featuring the mysterious “Uncle Howdy” talking about how everybody lies. Howdy said “open your eyes” saying that he can make you feel wanted. Howdy went on to say that you’ll make fools of us all if you listen to him. Howdy reminded the audience watching that a snake in the cage is still a snake. When they showed Howdy’s face, he said: “Wake up.”

Another interesting about that video Uncle Howdy, there was a phone number: 888-280-3999.

After WWE fans saw that phone number on the screen or perhaps on social media because it was hard to see live, they called the number and the message said this:

“Patient suffers from delusions of grandeur, perhaps the most extreme incidence I’ve encountered. Concerns that no regime or treatment will be able to counteract the imbalance of pattern in the patient’s psyche.

Prone to disorganized thought patterns that communicate a sense of unmatched importance. Bouts of isolation has seems to have amplified their inner monologue and honestly blocked out any outside voice.

In short, the patient would need to think as highly of a medical practitioner as they do themselves and honestly that seems to border on the impossible. I’ve become concerned that this patient has become such a danger to themselves and anyone that they encounter that… Hello? Hello? Is someone there? Hello? I…”

This isn’t the first time where there was something related to a Bray Wyatt psychiatric doctor because in late October there was also a clue leading to a document that provided a psychiatric evaluation of Wyatt as well.

Later on Smackdown, Wyatt’s new rival LA Knight was found down on the ground and trapped against an equipment case. It is believed that somebody attacked him, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it was Wyatt who did it.

Thanks to Wrestletalk for the phone message dialogue.