Bray Wyatt Shows Off Gruesome Hand Injury (PHOTO)

Bray Wyatt

Bray Wyatt has responded to another superstar’s hand injury by revealing he is dealing with his own painful injury as well.

The opening match at NXT Vengeance Day saw Wes Lee beat Dijak in a NXT North American Title match that was outstanding. Many people considered it the match of the night with Lee finding a way to retain his title while Dijak reminded the WWE Universe just how talented he is when he gets a chance to show what he can do.

During that match, Dijak also had to deal with his left middle finger bending backward in an awkward way. It looked disgusting during the show with fans being concerned that it may be broken, yet Dijak was able to finish the match.

On the post-Vengeance Day media conference call, NXT’s creative boss Shawn Michaels clarified that Dijak’s finger wasn’t actually broken despite looking that way.

“Yeah, everybody is good. I announced it at gorilla, it got to be a miracle. It’s not broken. We got him x-ray. They said it’s not broken. And so yeah, I guess what you do is you kind of numb it and put it back in place and that’s what’s happening now.”

“But it is, again, a modern miracle because we all saw it, it was pretty gnarly looking. But apparently, he’s going to be okay, which is obviously fantastic news for us and him.”

In a response to Dijak’s post with his busted middle finger, Bray Wyatt posted a photo of his own messed up finger. As you can see below, it was Wyatt’s right ring finger and it’s an injury that happened a few weeks ago, but Wyatt has been able to work through it.

Bray Wyatt had his first televised match in WWE since his October 2022 return at the Royal Rumble last weekend. It was the first-ever Pitch Black Match with Bray Wyatt beating LA Knight in dominant fashion while Uncle Howdy jumped off a platform to put Knight through some padded equipment.