Update On Dijak Suffering Finger Injury At NXT Vengeance Day

dijak wwe nxt vengeance day

There is an update on how Dijak is doing after suffering a gruesome middle finger injury during his NXT North American Title match at Vengeance Day.

The opening match at the WWE NXT Vengeance Day Premium Live Event saw Wes Lee find a way to retain his title against a very tough challenger in Dijak in the opening match of the show.

It was a match that many people considered to be the match of the night with the Charlotte crowd really getting into it throughout the match.

There was a spot toward the end of the match where Dijak was going for a moonsault off the top onto Lee, who was seated on a chair, but Tony D’Angelo and Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo shoved Lee out of the way since they had issues with Dijak in the past. That led to Dijak doing the moonsault onto Tony D and Stacks.

Unfortunately for Dijak, he suffered a finger injury during the match when his left middle finger was bent in a grotesque way. It was very noticeable during the broadcast with many fans pointing it out on Twitter during the match.

In an update on Dijak’s potentially broken finger, WWE Senior Vice President of Talent Development Creative Shawn Michaels addressed it during a post-show media conference call noting that the finger is not broken.

“Yeah, everybody is good. I announced it at gorilla, it got to be a miracle. It’s not broken. We got him x-ray. They said it’s not broken. And so yeah, I guess what you do is you kind of numb it and put it back in place and that’s what’s happening now.”

“But it is, again, a modern miracle because we all saw it, it was pretty gnarly looking. But apparently, he’s going to be okay, which is obviously fantastic news for us and him.”

As for what his middle finger looked like after the match, Dijak posted a photo on Twitter.

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