Bray Wyatt Held Back By “Firefly Funhouse Thing” Says WWE Hall Of Famer

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Whilst cinematic matches were met with a mixed reception, one WWE Hall Of Famer feels Bray Wyatt has been held back by them.

One of the matches most synonymous with Bray Wyatt was his Firefly Funhouse encounter with John Cena at WrestleMania 36. In an era when pre-recorded matches was one of the few options to give some variety, this match stood out as one of the better ones.

Having made his return to WWE in mid-2022, there were high expectations for what the former leader of The Wyatt Family would bring to the table. However, this has not come about the way many would have expected, and he is currently no longer on television with no resolution to his storyline with Uncle Howdy.

Now, WWE Hall Of Famer Booker T has commented that he thinks the Firefly Funhouse has actually hindered Bray Wyatt in the long run.

In a discussion on his Hall Of Fame podcast, the multi-time World Champion talked about why he feels Wyatt has been somewhat stuck because of the match.

This Firefly Funhouse thing and the magic, you can only take it so far. The fans are looking to see a good match. That’s what this business has been predicated on since day one, storylines is always been great, but the payoffs. I think that’s the problem that Bray Wyatt has had, being that magical creature and not being able to go out there and, I wouldn’t even call them five-star matches or anything like that, but just really good matches. I think that’s what’s held Bray Wyatt back more than anything.

Continuing on, Booker T discussed what he feels Bray Wyatt needs to do to take a step up to the next level.

I think he’s worked some good enough guys to go out and have some memorable matches to where you go, not only is he one dimensional, two dimensional, oh man, this guy is three dimensional, he takes you everywhere. I think that’s what’s missing with Bray.

Booker T also had plenty to say about CM Punk’s intentions with AEW.

With thanks to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.