Booker T Wants To See Former Champion Return To WWE

Booker T

Booker T would like to see Nia Jax have one more run with WWE.

Making the surprise appearance at the 2023 Women’s Royal Rumble as the number 30 entrant, questions were asked regarding Jax’s status with the company after the Premium Live Event, with some believing that The Irresistible Force would be making future appearances.

Despite Jax revealing that she is training again, the former Women’s Champion is yet to compete in another match following the cameo appearance at the Rumble. Jax’s last appearance prior to the one-off return was on September 20th 2021 when Jax was attacked and written off of TV by Shayna Baszler. Jax would be released from her contract in November of that year.

Speaking on the Hall of Fame podcast, Booker T wants to see Jax climb to the top of the mountain again, believing that she would be unstoppable if a return took place:

“I don’t think we got a chance to see enough of Nia Jax when she was around. I thought Nia Jax was like Godzilla that was just going to walk the earth and pummel everything in front of her, just destroy everything. I think if Nia Jax gets the championship, she’d have it forever. One of those types of deals. I would love to see Nia Jax come back and do something big.”

While wrestling during the pandemic era, Nia Jax would become known for a unique catchphrase after taking a bump on the ring apron. In an interview following the fall, Jax revealed that it was done with the intention to make Vince McMahon laugh.

Booker T Names Wrestler With Hardest Chops

Having shared the ring with a long list of opponents during his lengthy career, the 6-time World Champion has been on the receiving end of his fair share of physicality inside the squared circle. In a recent interview, the Hall of Famer revealed that despite Ric Flair having some of the most famous chops in the game, they were not the hardest.

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