Booker T Names Wrestler That Gave Hardest Chops

Booker T

Booker T has named the wrestler that hit him the hardest when delivering chops to the chest.

A chop is a very popular move in a pro wrestler’s arsenal. It’s been around for many decades with Ric Flair truly popularizing it due to the amount of chops he did in a match while the fans shouted his trademark “WOO” every time he did it.

Even though Ric Flair has retired from pro wrestling, chances are if you go to any pro wrestling show in the world, you’re going to hear the “WOO” when somebody throws a chop.

During his career as a two-time WWE Hall of Famer, Booker T did throw some chops of his own, but he was also a good puncher with a lot of different moves in his arsenal.

Booker T Names The Hardest Chop Man In Pro Wrestling

As for who delivered the hardest chops, Booker T is going with Haku/Meng for that distinction as Booker explained on his Hall of Fame podcast recently.

“Haku — without a question. I tell you, that dude … I always described it as the sand palm, where he would hit you in your chest but you’d feel it in your back. And then you would get a handprint that would come up later on your back from getting hit in your chest. That’s how hard Haku would hit.”

“I would remember being in tag matches with him and Barbarian and I would always try my best to be in the ring with Barbarian throughout the whole match. I swear. Even though Meng was the nicest guy in the world, he hit you with that chop and it feel like a brick. That’s how hard his hand was.”

In WCW, Booker T was part of Harlem Heat with his brother Stevie Ray while Haku & Barbarian were known as the Faces of Fear, which was a fitting name for them.

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