Booker T Praises LA Knight For Overcoming “Mediocre Roles” In WWE

LA Knight

Booker T thinks a lot of LA Knight’s role in WWE now after he managed to overcome a situation where he “literally could fail”.

LA Knight first showed up in NXT on WWE programming, but has since been moved to the main roster. However, far from his Eli Drake character which had been seen elsewhere including IMPACT Wrestling, Knight headed to the main roster as Max Dupri with the Maximum Male Models. The character was shortlived, and he has now reverted to something we are all far more familiar with.

Speaking on his Hall Of Fame podcast, Booker T discussed how many wrestlers could quit if they were put in that position, but that you’re going to get a “mediocre role” at some stage in your career.

For someone like LA Knight, this guy could have bailed out a long time ago. He could have quit. He could have said, ‘Man, let me go jump on this AEW bandwagon and see if these guys will pay me some money, man, because I can’t deal with this. I can’t deal with just having these mediocre roles.

But one thing about this business is, you’re going to have a mediocre role somewhere along the way no matter what you’re at. But it’s about weathering that storm and fixing yourself in position to where, there again, the fans are going to dictate just like I was talking about with Bron Breakker, the fans will dictate where your pecking order is going to be in this business and I say that from experience.

Speaking specifically on the Dupri character, Booker T praised LA Knight for making the best of the character, and how that has led to his position in the company now.

That (being Max Dupri), was putting him in a position where he literally could fail, but he said, let me take this role and try to make it something. A lot of people say, ‘Man, I wouldn’t do that.’ Yeah you would have. You would have did it. You would have did it because there’s a check at the end of the day, but more important than that, this is a guy that’s not going to bail on the situation because he gets put in a situation. They’re going to be put in that situation and try to make the best of that situation. I respect that, man. I respect that to the utmost from this dude.

Since becoming LA Knight once again, the WWE superstar has been put in some key storylines, including being Bray Wyatt’s first opponent on his return and working with The Undertaker at the RAW 30th Anniversary show.

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