LA Knight Reacts To Working With The Undertaker On Raw – “It Was Pretty Wild”

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LA Knight had a rough night on the 30th Anniversary of WWE Monday Night Raw, but he has also spoken about his first experience working with The Undertaker.

There was a segment on the January 23rd edition of Raw celebrating 30 years of WWE’s flagship show featuring LA Knight, The Undertaker and Bray Wyatt. Knight started the segment with one of his usual cocky-style promos bragging about how he was going to beat Wyatt while challenging anybody to come to the ring to face him.

That’s when the familiar “GONG” sound hit when it appeared as though The Undertaker was going to walk out in his classic black jacket and hat. Instead, the music stopped and “American Badass” by Kid Rock hit as The Undertaker slowly made his way out there on a motorcycle. Suddenly, Knight wasn’t that cocky anymore.

After Knight went out of the ring and up the aisle to head to the back, Bray Wyatt showed up with his lantern, which led to Knight going back into the ring where The Undertaker was waiting. The Undertaker choked Knight, then passed him over to Wyatt, who hit Knight with a Sister Abigail neckbreaker.

LA Knight appeared on INSIGHT With Chris Van Vliet to talk about his first experience being in the ring with The Undertaker. Knight started off talking a bit in character, but then switched to speaking about how he felt.

“I’ll tell you what, he was about this close to get the slap right in the mouth, but I decided to spare him. But I’ll tell you the truth. It’s funny because you always hear the cliché when you’re standing in that ring, and that bell tolls. You know, it’s chills. And I’m like, sure. Once that hit, it was chills, it was pretty wild.”

“But at the same time to be standing there and doing my thing, and to be very recognised. That audience was right on top of everything I had to say even with The Undertaker in the ring. So I mean, that’s a big feather in my cap as far as I’m concerned. And at the same time, you know, looking at a guy who’s undoubtedly a legend, Hall of Famer, crazy, crazy night leading into this Royal Rumble.”

This Saturday night, January 28th at the Royal Rumble, LA Knight will face Bray Wyatt in the first-ever Mountain Dew Pitch Black Match.

H/T Inside The Ropes