Booker T Blasts AEW’s Handling Of HOOK

Booker T HOOK

If you were confused about Tony Khan’s social media rant about criticism of HOOK getting an AEW Title shot because there hadn’t been any, Booker T has now put that right.

Tony Khan launched into a defence of AEW which involved Jinder Mahal, of all people, recently with the AEW boss tired of a seemingly constant double standard online. Khan felt AEW had been criticised for having HOOK in the title mix whereas WWE got off scot-free with Jinder Mahal getting a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship.

HOOK has a record of 28-1 in AEW while Jinder Mahal – although a former WWE Champion – has not won a main roster match in well over a year and his resurgence has come out of nowhere.

Booker T Not Happy With Tony Khan’s Booking

Speaking on his Hall of Fame podcast, Booker T had his say on the situation and suggested that while HOOK has quite the in-ring record, he doesn’t have the buzz he should have in AEW:

Do you remember five of those 28 wins that HOOK had? I’m serious. Do you remember five of the guys that HOOK beat? Three of the guys HOOK beat?

I don’t want anyone to think I’m hating on HOOK. I don’t want anyone to think, for one second, that I’m hating on HOOK. I wanna touch on Tony Khan more than anything. When I asked, ‘How many of those wins do you remember HOOK had on television?’ That winning streak, you can’t remember one.

The thing is, seems like that would have been a hell of a time to make HOOK a household name, having that 28-0 run. Seems like he would have had all those shows on Dynamite. I don’t know when the hell he picked up a 28-1 record because I haven’t seen this kid. Personally, I don’t watch a lot of AEW, but I do watch a lot of highlights from AEW, TNA, and every other organization, and I have not seen a whole lot of buzz about HOOK.

There should be a hell of a lot of buzz around HOOK if he has a 28-1 record. I could be wrong. I could be wrong about that. I do know that if this kid was in Reality of Wrestling and he had a 28-1 run, he’d be near the top rung as far as people talking about him on a weekly basis.

Booker T reiterated that he has no hate towards HOOK which might be just as well given his own relationship with HOOK’s father Taz.

FTR recently hit out at podcasters complaining about AEW and thinks they should thank Tony Khan for their living, although Eric Bischoff was the only one they mentioned by name.

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