AEW Stars Berate Eric Bischoff With Bankruptcy Barb

Eric Bischoff WWE Hall of Fame

Former AEW Tag Team Champions FTR have called out Eric Bischoff and said podcasters like him should be thanking Tony Khan for their living rather than tearing him down all the time.

Tony Khan caused a storm on social media involving WWE and Jinder Mahal recently. Khan was upset at perceived criticism of HOOK receiving an AEW World Title match while none was made about Mahal getting a World Heavyweight Title match in WWE despite his poor win/loss record.

It didn’t take long for Eric Bischoff to become involved as he sought attention by taking potshots at Khan, who replied in kind. Bischoff previously led WCW in its war against WWE but despite having appeared on AEW TV twice, he has been the most vocal critic of Khan and AEW, and two top guys think they know why that is.

FTR On Eric Bischoff – “Here Comes Bankruptcy Number Four”

Speaking to Jeff Snyder, Dax Harwood began by giving his thoughts on podcasters who are always critical of Tony Khan

I don’t think Tony Khan gets the credit he deserves because he afforded a lot of people a lot of jobs and a lot of income. Even if you look outside of AEW you’ve got all these old-time, miserable podcasters like Eric Bischoff and some of the others who make a living just by going on their podcasts and burying Tony and AEW when they know AEW is a place where business is thriving. AEW is a place that is helping change professional wrestling for the positive.

So not only does Tony give us and hundreds of other people a living, he’s afforded a living to some people who would otherwise be sitting miserable, bankrupt in their house.

Cash Wheeler continued on Eric Bischoff, reminding everyone that Bischoff has appeared in AEW but never got a job with the company which could contribute to his negative outlook on Khan:

I think [Bischoff’s] really mad Tony wouldn’t give him a job the two times he was there to collect a paycheck. Here comes bankruptcy number four.

Harwood followed up by noting that there are those critics of AEW in the podcast world who would happily take a job at the company if offered:

There are some podcasters out there who bury AEW that would love a job with Tony. There’s one or two that wouldn’t but I know quite a few that glowingly talked about AEW initially and when Tony didn’t give them a job, now all of a sudden they’re talking crap about it, that don’t make sense to me.

Eric Bischoff’s last full-time role in the wrestling business came in 2019 when he was named as Executive Director of SmackDown ahead of its move to FOX. That role lasted four months before Bischoff was fired by the company. Since then he has appeared on WWE television sporadically and was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2021.

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