Booker T Believes Recently Released WWE Superstar Was On “Cruise Control”

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Booker T has given his honest assessment of Dolph Ziggler’s latter years in WWE.

Ziggler was one of many names released from their WWE contracts on September 21st following a nearly two-decade run with the company. The Showoff had many career highlights including one of the best Money in the Bank cash-ins in history and multiple reigns with the World Heavyweight Championship.

However, according to Booker T, Ziggler took his foot off the gas in the later years. Speaking on the Hall of Fame podcast, the 6-time World Champion described how Ziggler remained the same performer throughout his run:

“Dolph seems like he’s been on cruise control for the last ten years. He seemed like he got to the point where he said, ‘I’m just going to ride.’ Dolph is one of those guys that really never changed his look. He’s always been the same guy, all the time. For me, if you don’t change with the times, the times will pass you by.

You have to know how to keep up with what’s going on and use it in the entertainment world. Dolph Ziggler just stayed that one character throughout his entire time. Was he a guy that could go out and perform at a very high level? Oh yes. Dolph was a guy that could go out and work with anybody.

The Hall of Famer continued, referencing how Ziggler was used to put people over towards the end of his career. Ending on a positive note, Booker T did mention how he respected Ziggler’s work ethic:

Then, Dolph became that guy where, if you needed to get somebody over, you would call Dolph. Sometimes, you put yourself in that position, when you do not know how to change with the times. Dolph is going to be okay. He’s smart. He’s a college-educated dude, not just a wrestler. I see Dolph being okay in life. He’s a guy you can call, and you can trust him to go out there and make sure the job is done properly. That’s one thing the business needs and why Dolph stayed around for 20 years.

You have to be smart to stick around for more than 20 years, as well as people have to like you. People like Dolph Ziggler…you’re not going to hear Dolph in the news. He’s not had any scandals. Like me, put his hard hat on, his boots, come to work, get the job done, go home, but I tried to change with the times,”

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