Booker T Discusses If Jade Cargill Should Go To WWE Main Roster Or NXT

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If it was up to Booker T, he definitely has a preference for where Jade Cargill should go if she signs with WWE.

The name of former AEW TBS Champion Jade Cargill has been in the news a lot this week. Following the AEW Dynamite tapings where Cargill lost a TBS Title rematch to Kris Statlander on AEW Rampage, it was revealed that Cargill’s days in AEW are likely done and she could be headed to WWE.

Since nothing is official yet, a lot of people are keeping quiet about it, but WWE Hall of Famer Booker T has given his opinion on the subject.

Due to the fact that Cargill has only been wrestling for about two years, some people might want her to be in NXT, but there are others who feel that Cargill would join the main roster (Raw or Smackdown) because she is likely being paid a lot of money to sign with WWE, so the company will want to get her on their bigger shows.

Booker T has an interesting perspective on the subject because he’s a two-time WWE Hall of Famer who also runs his own wrestling school called Reality of Wrestling and for the last year he’s been on commentary on the NXT brand. Regarding the main roster or NXT, Booker T addressed the topic on his Hall of Fame wrestling podcast and he did not go with the show that he does commentary for.

“We want her going straight to the main roster. She’s got that kind of star appeal. And in NXT she would overshadow just about everything that’s going on there. That’s just me personally, but I think Jade Cargill is a main event attraction right now. Sign her and put her in the game right now because there again, on the job training, I think is what Jade Cargill needs more than anything.”

It’s not known whether Booker was referring to WWE when he said “we” or if he was just giving his own opinion.

Booker T has an opponent in mind for Jade Cargill in WWE

As far as who Booker wants to see against Jade Cargill in WWE, he thinks Bianca Belair would be a great opponent and tag team partner.

“Oh, God, man [Jade vs. Bianca Belair], it’s going to be some good, good action there. Can you imagine Bianca and Jade as a tag team, all that muscle? You know what I mean? That’s Harlem Heat all over again, man. I’m serious.”

“You know, so heck yeah, man. I’m looking forward to seeing exactly how this thing plays out. We’ll find out. We’re going to find out real soon if Jade Cargill is going to be a member of the WWE roster. And me personally, I’m pretty excited about it.”

Elsewhere on his show, Booker T also explained why he thinks Jade Cargill is the “perfect star” for WWE and how she is a great fit for World Wrestling Entertainment.

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