Bobby Lashley Issues WrestleMania Challenge

Bobby Lashley

Bobby Lashley had been expected to go into WrestleMania 39 as the opponent of Bray Wyatt but when that appeared to have fallen apart, it left Lashley with the weekend off – or so it seemed.

The former WWE Champion was in action on Friday Night SmackDown as part of the Andre The Giant Battle Royal, which he won by last eliminating Bronson Reed. But Bobby Lashley is by no means patting himself on the back for a big win and taking things easy.

Following SmackDown, Lashley released a video on social media where he laid down a challenge for WrestleMania itself:

“Surprise, surprise, guess who just won the Andre The Giant Battle Royal? Was there any doubt in anybody’s mind who was going to win that? You can’t have WrestleMania without the All-Mighty. My weekend is free.

Let’s see who’s ready for a real challenge. Who wants to step up and get some from the All-Mighty?”

Bobby Lashley recently admitted that he had “no idea” if his original match with Wyatt would go ahead and information has been thin on the ground as to what’s keeping Wyatt away. This all could play into a storyline that sees Bray Wyatt return to face Lashley after all – perhaps as one of his former characters.

Although reports had suggested that Lashley could end up facing SmackDown star LA Knight on the show – whatever happens, fans are now only mere hours away from finding out when WrestleMania 39 kicks off with John Cena challenging Austin Theory for the US Championship.