Bobby Lashley Casts Doubt On New WWE SmackDown Pairing

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Bobby Lashley has cast doubts on the future of a partnership on WWE SmackDown.

The former WWE Champion has been featured prominently on WWE programming in recent months, joining forces with The Street Profits to create a formidable new group.

Lashley, who recently admitted his disappointment at being left off of the WrestleMania 39 card, has most recently been linked with adding B-Fab to the group.

B-Fab requested to speak with Lashley on the 3rd November edition of SmackDown before being seen to keep a close eye on his bout with Carlito on a backstage monitor during the 10th November episode.

Speaking on a recent edition of After The Bell with Corey Graves and Kevin Patrick, Lashley stopped short of confirming if a partnership had been agreed, however:

“She’s a very intelligent woman. She’s a very interesting woman, that’s what I have to say about that.

Since I’ve come together with The Street Profits, a lot of people have hit me up on social media or they’ve just walked up to me at the show and trying to say, ‘Hey man, I’d love to join your group or see what you guys have.’

Of course, we’re open to hearing any suggestions. We did toy around with having a female join the group, and I’ve heard some different suggestions on that also. B-Fab did come with something that was very interesting.

I’m not quite sure we’re gonna work with her, but right now, what she did present to me last week was very interesting and I want to see if that can manifest into anything.”

Bobby Lashley Admits Interest In Boxing Match

During the interview, Lashley opened up about his time in MMA and his future in wrestling, noting that he could be interested in stepping into a boxing ring in the near future.

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