Bobby Lashley Discusses Frustration At Not Competing At WrestleMania 39

Bobby Lashley

Bobby Lashley didn’t wrestle at WrestleMania 39, and he wasn’t happy about it.

The All-Mighty began 2023 in a high-profile position, competing in the Royal Rumble match before squaring off against Brock Lesnar at Elimination Chamber. 24 hours before his clash with Lesnar, Bray Wyatt challenged the winner, seemingly setting up a match between Lashley and Wyatt at WrestleMania.

However, just as the feud began, Wyatt was removed from television as his health problems took priority.

This left Lashley in creative no man’s land and without a match at WWE’s biggest show of the year. With WrestleMania just around the corner, Lashley won the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal but his only appearance at the showpiece event was to parade the trophy.

The star appeared to vent his frustration on social media, and fans were equally vocal about him all but missing the show.

Speaking on After The Bell, Lashley admitted he struggled with not having a match at WrestleMania, explaining that it “hit him pretty hard.”

“Man, because you know, our businesses is very troubling at times. And it’s very stressful mentally, because you want to know where you’re at. And, if you’re talking about just the last kind of break I took, I think a lot of things [hit me]. The situation revolving WrestleMania kind of really, really hit me pretty hard.

You know, I put in a lot of work throughout the year, put myself at a certain level in the company. And I’ve kept that level up, I work my ass off, I train hard all the time. Everybody knows that’s just me. And then when that big show came around, I just didn’t have a spot at WrestleMania. And you know, I try to hold it in. And when you have your kids calling when you’re supposed to be there and I’m there in all Los Angeles ready to go. You know, the whole time is thinking, just call me in coach call me, I’m that guy, like, call me and call me and I’m ready.

And then my kids you know, after the first day calling, Hey dad are you’re going to be on because if you’re gonna be on we’ll fly up there, we want to see you and everything like that, because they’ve been to everything that I was in. And that was kind of a little bit of a mind trip, you know, to kind of take a backseat at a time like that.”

Bobby Lashley Looking To Challenges Outside Of WWE

During a different interview, Bobby Lashley admitted he’s got his eye on competing outside of WWE. The star said he’s got “one more fight left in him” and is looking at competing in boxing, after already enjoying success in MMA.

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