Bobby Fish Blasts Rumors Surrounding AEW Exit

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Bobby Fish has proved to be a somewhat controversial figure since his AEW exit as there were suggestions that he was instrumental in trying to get other stars to return to WWE.

Fish joined AEW in October 2021 just a few short months after his WWE exit but within a year his time as All Elite was over as well.

The Undisputed ERA star’s AEW exit was caught up in controversy when he was named in connection with WWE’s alleged attempt to tamper with the contracts of several AEW stars including Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly who had been aligned with Fish in NXT.

Those reports came from Ryan Frederick of the Wrestling Observer but Bobby Fish thinks Dave Meltzer was behind that information being leaked.

Speaking to Nick Hausman for Inside The Ropes, Bobby Fish addressed those rumors and says they are categorically false:

“Meltzer’s people at one point released some leak about me when I left AEW trying to get Kyle [O’Reilly] and Adam [Cole] to come to WWE, and that is accepted at this point as like gospel, and there’s no truth to it whatsoever. But when somebody has, you know, low moral value reporting-wise, and then it gets into that news feed. Like I said, the desire to know, the perceived dirt is such that fiction becomes fact. I’ve been the victim of that more than once.

“Yeah, it’s disappointing, to be honest. You know, because a guy like Meltzer, I’ve come across, and he didn’t report it directly, I don’t believe, but I think he could have stopped it. And he didn’t take the time to reach out and ask me, which he certainly could have. It just got reported. I mean, I’ve crossed paths with Dave before and had like, human being interactions with the person and somehow in that news feed, I don’t know, the human element of it gets lost and it’s like, ‘oh, man, that kind of sucks.’”

Bobby Fish also discussed the issues surrounding CM Punk and The Elite and says fans focusing on backstage issues is where wrestling has gone wrong.

h/t Inside The Ropes