Bobby Fish Tried To Get AEW Stars To Go Back To WWE

Bobby Fish AEW

A new report has alleged that Bobby Fish made moves to try and get some of his fellow AEW stars to up sticks and return with him to WWE.

WWE is a very different company from the one that Bobby Fish was released from back in August 2021. Following his departure, his Undisputed ERA teammates Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly both soon left the company as well with their contracts expiring.

Following their exit from WWE, all three men joined AEW where they reformed their team as part of a wider Undisputed Elite with The Young Bucks before they turned on The Jackson brothers. Cole and O’Reilly are currently out of action with injuries and Bobby Fish left the company after his contract expired in August 2022.

Now Ryan Frederick who writes for the Wrestling Observer has noted on their message boards that Fish apparently tried to convince his teammates to return to WWE now that Triple H is running the show:

“I posted it in the Bobby Fish thread but I know Fish was trying to get them to Cole and Kyle to ask for their releases to go back to WWE and they both told him no.”

“It’s possible Cole may have clued Tony (Khan) in. If he did, I doubt he was the only one. I’m sure Swerve was one of them who did so.”

There have been recent allegations that WWE has contacted AEW talent that is under contract, something that has prompted a serious response from Tony Khan’s company.

Bobby Fish seems to have other things in his future bar WWE as he debuted for IMPACT Wrestling at Victory Road.