Billy Corgan’s Leadership Causing Frustration In NWA

NWA owner Billy Corgan smiling at the camera

Billy Corgan is facing issues in the NWA locker room.

Recently, Billy Corgan announced that the NWA had signed two television deals. These were later reported to be for their weekly wrestling show, Powerrr, and an unnamed reality TV show going behind the scenes in the promotion. Both shows were set to air on The CW.

However, the plans were thrown into disarray after a bizarre drug-taking segment aired during NWA Samhain. That blow was followed by another as WWE announced NXT had found a new home on The CW starting in October 2024, calling the whole NWA TV deal into question.

To make matters worse for Corgan, Haus of Wrestling has reported that there are growing frustrations with his leadership of the company. With Corgan having been on tour with The Smashing Pumpkins, there have been complaints about his lack of availability in relaying creative ideas between shows. Some stars claim they don’t know what is happening until the day of TV tapings, sometimes up to an hour before the show begins.

While the report noted that some were empathetic with the promoter as he balances wrestling and music, there is a feeling that he needs to put a creative team in place to help filter ideas.

With multiple contracts coming up for renewal, the frustration, combined with the uncertainty around the TV deal, has seemingly led to some wrestlers looking into moving on from the company.

Another point of contention has been Corgan’s use of loyalty tests, which have included making popular stars who join the promotion lose immediately to see how they react, and Corgan being critical of talent who have done nothing wrong.

There could be a silver lining, though, as recent developments mean both WWE and The NWA could air on the same network.

NWA And WWE Could Both Air On The CW

In the wake of the NXT announcement, Dave Meltzer noted that the recent MLW lawsuit could mean WWE is more willing to allow another wrestling show to air on the same channel as the developmental brand.

MLW has accused WWE of pressuring their media partners to abandon their contracts or prospective relationships with the promotion. According to Meltzer, while WWE usually aims to get exclusivity in their TV deals, the lawsuit might make them think again. Additionally, he noted that WWE is under new ownership, and UFC didn’t push for exclusivity in their recent deals.